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Canitis Company

CANITIS is an Australian company with over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in the fields of drilling, mining and construction. We are an innovative private company specialised in the supply of high quality, environmentally friendly chemicals for Industrial applications.

At Canitis, we are:

  • Passionate
  • Always Improving
  • Honest and dependable

We supply high quality products at most competitive prices to

  • Mineral Drilling & Oil field Operations
  • Civil & Construction
  • Chemicals to Industries

We listen to our valued clients to ensure providing them the highest quality support and most competitive prices. Some Canitis products needs professional application, so Canitis offers experienced team of engineers to achieve 100 % client satisfaction.  


We will energetically deliver outstanding products and services


We will consistently think, say and do what is right


We will treasure all helpful people, ideas and organizations


We will enthusiastically create and embrace positive change

  1. Who We Are
  2. What We Do
  3. Our Values



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